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Body Composition Analyzer Istel WA-200 BT

Body Composition Analyzer Istel WA-200 BT

Istel WA-200 is a Body Composition Analyzer with Bluetooth. It measures Body Mass, Adipose Tissue, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Water Content, BMI and kcal. The analyzer uses the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) method to calculate parameters. The Bluetooth function allows you to send measurements to the ISTEL HEALTH Application installed on a mobile device, smartphone or tablet. Body Composition Analyzer Istel WA-200 cooperates with the ISTEL CARE System, an innovative Telemedical System that introduces a new way to share your test results from any place with the Doctor or Caregiver. It allows to control Patient’s health remotely, by collecting test results from several devices in one place

Set contains:

Product features

Measuring Principle Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Resolution of Weight 0,1 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 180 kg
Measurement Weight, Total Body Water [%] and Body Fat [%], Bone and Muscle Mass [%], BMI and Calorie Predictor
Power Supply 3x AAA Batteries
Number of Users  8 Users
Operating Conditions Temperature: 15 - 35°C (59 - 95°F) Humidity: 30 - 85% RH
Transport and Storage Conditions Temperature: -20 - 50°C (-4 - 122°F) Humidity: 30 - 85% RH
Wireless Communication Bluetooth® 4.0

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