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The BALANCE tab is a summary of information about the Patient's health.

The fields: Weight (see 1), Height (see 2), Glucose (see 3), Ciśnienie (see 4), Temperature (see 5) include the most recent measurements from the following tabs: GLUCOSE, Blood Pressure, Body Composition Analysis, Temperature and ECG. These are the results entered by the Patient or taken from the List of Appointments, i.e. added by the Physician or Medical Staff.

The value in the BMI (see 6) is calculated automatically from the parameters in the Weight and Height fields.

Fig. Fields in the balance that are completed automatically on the basis of measurements from other tabs

By clicking on NEW INFORMATION, you can add HbA1c measurement to the Balance. 

Fig. Enter HbA1c

The Balance can be also complemented with information about the Patient’s health. To do this, click on the EDIT button.

Fig. New information button

A window will appear where you can add the following information:

  • Type of diabetes (see 1)
  • Co-morbidities (see 2)
  • Complications of diabetes (see 3)
  • Medicines taken (see 4)
Fig. Editing information

To enter notes about the Patient's health, click on the EDIT button and a window will appear where you can enter additional information.

Fig. New information button
Fig. Adding notes window

Each opened and assigned Appointment to a given Physician (by Medical Staff or Physician itself) is visible directly on the Physician's account in the APPOINTMENT tab.

Archive stores historical HbA1c measurements and medical information, together with information on when and by whom they were entered. 

Fig. Archive button
Fig. View of the last archive changes about the type of diabetes