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Istel Care system allows you to connect the meters directly to a PC in order to read the measurements and transfer data from the device to the Patient Chart.

In order to import data, it is necessary to install a service program. The installation process is as follows: 

1. Open the Connected Device tab

Connected Devices Tab

2. The system will start checking whether the service is installed on your PC.

3. The following message will be displayed if you are connecting the meter for the first time: Connection error. Download and install the service. Click on the underlined “Service” link to download the program.

Fig. “Service” Link.

4. Choose where to install the software on your PC.
5. Open the downloaded file.

Fig. Downloading the service and starting it from Google Chrome browser

6. Click on MORE INFORMATION link and then RUN ANYWAY.

Fig. RUN ANYWAY Button

7. Select language.

Fig. Language Selection

8. Click on the NEXT button and accept licence terms by clicking on the AGREE button.

Fig. NEXT Button
Fig. Location of the AGREE Button

9. When the program will be installed, click on NEXT button.

Fig. NEXT Button

10. After you have successfully installed the drivers, click the FINISH button.

Fig. Finish Button

11. Click on the FINISH button to close the installer. 

Fig. Finish Button
12. After the software has been successfully installed, the message METER DISCONNECTED will appear in the upper left corner. Connect and switch on the meter to read measurement results.
Fig. View after successful installation of the Service

The service does not support Internet Explorer, so in order to be able to read and/or import data to the Patient Chart, you must use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Windows) or Safari (OS X).