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Here you can find the list of appointments that took place.

Fig. List of appointments in the Patient chart
To view information about a specific appointment, click on the DETAILS button located to the right of the appointment (see 1).
The heading contains the basic information about the appointment.
Fig. Basic data of an appointment
  • START - date and time when the appointment starts (see 1)
  • END - date and time when the appointment ends (see 2)
  • MEASUREMENTS ENTERED BY - information about the person who enters data to the appointment (see 3)
  • PHYSICIAN IN CHARGE - name and surname of the Doctor holding the appointment (see 4)
Below the heading of the appointment you can see detailed data on the measurements taken during that appointment.
Fig. Appointment details
  • Weight (see 1)
  • Height (see 2)
  • BMI (see 3)
  • HbA1c - glycated haemoglobin (see 4)
  • Temperature (see 5)
  • Glucose Level (see 6)
  • Marking of Glucose Level (see 7)
  • Systolic pressure (see 8)
  • Diastolic pressure (see 9)
  • Notes (see 10)
To go back to the list, click on BACK TO THE LIST OF APPOINTMENTS.
Fig. Going back to the list of appointments

The appointment will close automatically after 12 hours.