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This graph allows to analyse the variability of Temperature in specific time intervals. Thanks to that you can see the daily, weekly and monthly patterns that are characteristic for the Patient.

Range types:

  • DAILY - compares separate days, hour to hour; measurements are displayed from 0:00 to 23:59 on a given day.
  • WEEKLY - compares selected weeks with each other; 7 days, from Monday to Sunday.
  • MONTHLY – compares results from the first to the last day of the month; for months of different lengths, the last days of longer months will have no reference points to shorter months.

The overlapping graph has an own filter, which means that filters and advanced filters do not affect it.

To display data in the appropriate time ranges:

  1. Expand the picklist marked as RANGE TYPE.
  2. Select the daily, weekly or monthly range.
  3. Click on the SELECT RANGE button and set dates.
  4. Data will automatically appear on the graph.
Fig. Setting of ranges in a weekly graph
To delete one of the selected ranges, click on the red cross (see 2) or delete all of them by clicking on the RESET button (see 1). 
Fig. Deleting set ranges