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SYSTEM – the Istel Care system.

MOBILE APPLICATION ISTEL HEALTH - can be installed on the phone or tablet that stores Patient's test results in one place (Glucose Level, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Body Composition Analysis). 

MOBILE APPLICATION ISTEL ECG - cooperates with Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder and can be installed on the phone or tablet. It performs and stores ECG tests together with Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder.

USER - a person who uses Istel Care system (Physician, Medical Staff, Patient or Caregiver)

PATIENT CHART - the part of the system where all information about the Patient and his test results are collected.

ADMINISTRATOR - the user of the system with the highest authorization level.

MEDICAL FACILITY - a place where the Physician or Medical Staff admits the Patients (Medical Centre, Clinic, Office).

AUTHORISATION CODE - a code, that is sent via SMS to the User's phone number provided during registration. It is required during sharing data and authorization of User's identity.