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Only registered Users can have an access to the Panel. Every Physician is verified through the validity of his Medical Licence (PWZ) and a code that is sent via SMS to a provided mobile phone number. Only one user can be registered per one phone number.

Fig. Create an account in Istel Care System

To create an account as a Physician

1. Go to the Istel Care website.&nbspSelect a tile: Physician

Fig. Click the Physician tile
Fig. “Don’t have an account yet? Register now!” button

3. Fill in the form and set a password (A detailed explanation of all fields is on the next page). 
4. Click REGISTER button.

Fig. View of the registration form

5. A window with a space to enter ACTIVATION CODE will appear.
6. ACTIVATION CODE will be sent via SMS to the phone number that was provided in the form.

Fig. Entering an activation code

8. Your account is now active and you can log into the system.

Fig. Log in to the Patient panel


PHONE NUMBER – mandatory field; all authorisation messages will be sent to this number. In order to use Istel Care, the user must have a phone number that can receive text messages (see 1).
PASSWORD – mandatory field; it must have a minimum of 6 characters, at least one capital letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one digit and a special character. After clicking on the icon with an eye at the end of the field, you can view the entered password (see 2).
RETYPE PASSWORD – mandatory field; function that allows to make sure that the User sets a correct password (see 3).
MEDICAL LICENCE NUMBER (PWZ) – mandatory field; we check the number on the basis of the database from the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. Only Users with valid medical licence are allowed to use the system as Physicians (see 4).
NAME – mandatory field; persons with more than one name must enter all their names in the field (see 5).
SURNAME – mandatory field; persons with more than one surname must enter all their surnames in the field (see 6).
E-MAIL ADDRESS – optional field; in case of completion, after registration we will send a message to the indicated e-mail with a request to confirm the address (see 7).
PRIMARY FACILITY – mandatory field; when registering, it is required to provide one Facility where the Physician or Medical Staff examine the Patients. We recommend entering the Facility for which the Istel Care system will be used most frequently. If you cannot find your Facility, please contact us at:  (see 8).
DECLARATIONS AND CONSENTS – mandatory field; to be able to use the Istel Care system, it is necessary to tick the statement that you have read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions and agree to the processing of personal data. (see 9).
REGISTER – after clicking on this button, you will receive text message with an activation code for the system, which should be entered on the Istel Care website (see 10).

Fig. Physician account registration form